About us

Dublin Deaf Association (D.D.A.) is a leading Cultural and Social organisation in the Deaf Community here in Dublin.

It is an umbrella association for various cultural, social and sporting groups and clubs that use the facilities of the Clubs for Deaf premises in Deaf Village Ireland

The groups that involved in the DDA are as follows: Day Centre, Dublin Theatre of the Deaf, Folk Dancing, Indoor Bowling, Ladies Basketball, Senior Folk.

The DDA tries to ensure that diversity and cultural richness of each of these groups help to provide a vibrant Social and Cultural life for the Deaf Community in Dublin.

The Dublin Deaf Association (D.D.A.) is an entirely voluntary organisation, funded by membership contributions and other fundraising events and initiatives.

A council made up of elected and proposed members from the different clubs and groups co-ordinates the specific activities operated by the self-managed clubs.


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