The Deaf Club

The readers may wonder about the various title used by the Dublin based Deaf club over the years. The first recorded name was “Catholic Deaf Mute’s club” and its variants. Then “St Philomena’s Deaf Club” and it opened in 1945. The members at the 1964, AGM approved the change to “St Vincent’s” as a gesture to Vincenhan Fathers.

Around that time, the club for women was named St John’s Club.

Since 1964 to 1995, the club was called St Vincent Centre for the Deaf but it was better known as the Deaf Club. As the years rolled by, range of activities grew large so it was necessary to established to re-name- The Deaf Club as Dublin Deaf Association (DDA).

The DDA have achieved some glory in Football, Basketball, indoor Bowling, Table Tennis and Theatre at home and away.

Our Logo

Dublin Deaf Association Logo

The logo shows the methods of communication used by Deaf people:- sign language, lip-reading, lip speech and very strong visual catching. Also the hand signify unity and co-operation in the DDA.